Geospatial Analysis and Modeling

We provide Geospatial data modeling and analysis to help visualize, communicate and solve complex problems. Whether it is data related to infrastructure the help cities manage and forecast their infrastructure life cycle requirements, determine the areas in which trees are needed to facilitate a more evenly and consistent atmosphere or determining where schools need to be built to handle the new development and continuing changing demographics related to school attendance and how the school attendance areas need to be defined. We have the experience to help solve complex problems with GIS technology.

GIS Support

We provide GIS support to our customers in many areas. As GIS analysis can be applied to many facets of the data available today. Whether it is just generating a simple map to show the physical relationship of a few items or developing complex systems supporting many different layers of data to show the history of land usage over time we have the skills to support these initiatives. We have supported customers with relatively simple needs to large enterprise systems requiring years of planning and analysis to establish requirements for large complex systems.

Geographic information systems


Geographic Data Creation

With the desire to display data and information spatially, not all data has the
spatial data elements required to perform these functions. Using tools such as hand-held GPS units we can augment current data with geographic data to develop geospatial data and databases. Creating GIS data from digitizing and data extraction to create new data and turn data into tangible information that can be used by the organization to help answer key question or make the organization more efficient at its business. This enables the geographic presentation of data to facilitate and support better communication and collaboration on problems to help develop solutions to those problems.

Analyzing data and its geographic relationships provides new insights and visualization capabilities to identify issues, problems and solutions.

Geospatial Systems Development Projects

In today’s technology era customers expect visual representations of data, and while spreadsheets and tables and documents contain the information needed it is difficult to present these data to the customers in a satisfactory solution.This is where the development of databases, maps and diagrams are so important to customer acceptance of applications and information. Understanding the relationships between the different entities and data types and the contexts of the application is essential in the development of geospatial applications. We provide the skilled analysis, documentation and understanding required to develop simple or complex systems and applications using disparate data sources and data type and customer requirements for the information to be presented and how it will flow within the application space.