Systems Analysis

We provide personnel to analyze your current business and IT systems and processes to identify issues and solutions to business systems whether they be process, software or hardware related. Our analysts have a wide range of experience and qualification and can support a wide range of business systems and processes. Our systems analyst can work with your business requirements and develop system specifications for development or cloud-based services. They will provide development and testing requirements and procedures, technical specifications for systems and data and work to identify impacts to the business related to systems changes.

Requirements Analysis and Feasibility Studies

Using a team of Business Analyst, Systems Analyst and your business personnel we will analyze your requirements, goals and products to determine the feasibility of proposed program, project, products and solutions to make sure the business understands completely the feasibility of the venture.

Technical Writing and Documentation

We provide experienced and knowledgeable technical writers and documentation specialists skilled in all areas of document creation and management.

Business Support Services

Project Management

We provide personnel to manage and support your projects and maintain schedules, track costs and work within budgets to ensure that the business needs are being met and projects are completed on time and within budget. Our Project Managers will work with your business and stakeholders to build comprehensive work plans and work breakdown structures to support budgeting and cost management. They will manage the work and resources to make sure projects are completed as planned. Working with the business and stakeholders the PMs will make sure the project is aligned with business requirements. They will provide communications to the business and stakeholders regarding project status, milestones and any issues or difficulties encountered. They will work with the business and stakeholders to resolve all issues in a timely and cost-effective manner to assure that projects remain on schedule and meet business objectives.

Business Analysis

Our Analysts work with the business stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand the issues facing the business. They will gather, develop and document business requirements related to the problems or processes being analyzed. The will work with your business elements and stakeholders to analyze your business processes, derive business requirements, develop business plans, process and procedures to improve operational and overall business performance and develop solutions to the issues being addressed.


AFT provides experienced, knowledgeable and skilled business and technology analysts to work with the business and develop requirements for systems, applications and business processes.